Thursday, March 8, 2012

Political hypocrisy

Starting my new day with my new blog has only one reason. I am becoming more and more ashamed of being a human being. Supposedly having reason and pity, extreme capacities of developing technology and art till their limits, we are still not capable of basic "humanistic" touch - care enough for other people's lives. And I think this is a basic characteristic of human beings. We humans are just too much entangled in our own pleasures, that we do not make a step further. Indeed we step back every time our history repeats itself, or for that matter, we repeat ourselves.
I have been told so many times, that war atrocities during the WW2 should not happen again. Well, I was being lied and lied to again and again. I am the generation of people old enough to have seen the war in ex Yugoslavia, which was the first war close enough to me to made me understand the dimensions of what war and killing does to people. But I wasn't "in" the war, I was beside the war. Again, one of the so many lucky people who just stood beside. And did nothing. I am old enough to remember my grandfather telling me about the atrocities in the concentration camps of WW2. I am old enough to have been born, have been living and I'll probably be dying too while listening to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And I am again alive, here and now, trying to outcry my outrage, while people are again, still, and on and on, being killed in Syria.
So I am wondering, why are people talking so f. too much, while nothing changes? They could at least say, we don't care at all, it is not a matter that interests us, or we don't have any strategic gains, or whatever other lie they are so comfortable with. This is what I can't stand - the hypocrisy of all the involved and noninvolved, those who lied and continue to lie. At least be honest and say, we are watching, and doing ...NOTHING. While instead what we often hear is " we should not interfere with internal affairs", "we, the international community are not allowed (?) to interfere unilaterally (?)" etc. and so on and so fort (there is no point in repeating all this lies here again). One of my professors in his last book is asking, why has nobody in political studies ever engaged in studying "lies" in politics. Frankly saying "lies" and not some "politically correct diplomatic language". So I say, I don't believe in any international community, while there are 2 (to 5) - even singing birds know which - countries, who can decide which lives are worth saving/living and which are not.
I as a citizenNO of this world say NO to the fallacy of some regimes, which weren't even chosen by the people, whom they supposedly and forcefully represent, and which are recognized by the international political community, while no more by ordinary people, who pay for international and "internal" lies with their lives.
Yes, probably I cannot do anything about this (besides going in the warfield and simply die), but as I said , I have started my day because of the unbearable weight on my eyes, my mind, and my body that this hypocrisy is causing. While politicians in the UN or other international forums claim they are deciding also on my behalf (btw this is not true either, because even in a democratic country of the EU, representatives chosen by its people, literally don't govern the state, since, because of political games, they weren't even able to establish a government - so the reason for my final disillusion of having absolute no power against those who lied to me and made me believe this lie is worth believing), they let people die and go...bu not in my name. I am here to say NO, but I also have to admit, how ashamed I am to be sitting here, and again, just talking about it. But at least, I admit my vileness and my hypocrisy.
So the humanity deserves to vanish, I have no pity and feel no sorry. Progressing we have made more and more damage, to each other, to the nature, to the animals. What is left then? Someone might say I am to nihilistic. If this is so, then, show me if there is any hope? But please, not again with false and empty promises, with so-deep-in-us-embedded lies...